Environmental, Economy and Energy Assessment (E3)

The business world has changed during 2020 and companies are uncertain of what is to come. Businesses that recognize and take advantage of opportunities within the facility to compete and grow during this time will likely outperform their competitors. The Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC) is offering a FREE E3 assessment (Economy, Environmental and Energy) to assist small to medium-sized businesses in the automotive manufacturing and maintenance, and metal manufacturing and fabrication sectors in Virginia.

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The E3 assessment is offered to businesses in Virginia free of charge through a grant provided by the EPA. Businesses participating in the program receive a full report on the findings of the assessment that include:

• Recommendations on changes in Environmental programs to improve compliance;
The assessment provides a completely confidential view of a facility’s environmental regulation compliance. Included in the assessment report are methods to increase environmental compliance, pollution prevention techniques to lessen environmental impact, renewable energy information and recycling resources. The assessment provides businesses free access to an environmental expert for worry free environmental compliance advice.
• Recommendations on Energy projects to drive down energy costs;
The assessment identifies methods for reducing energy consumption (electricity, natural gas, propane, etc.) throughout the facility. Included in the assessment report are recommendations for reducing energy consumption in heating, lighting, air compressors, HVAC and chillers. The assessment provides business with a comprehensive guide to reducing their energy costs.
• Recommendations on Economy (Continuous Improvement) to drive improvements in production efficiencies;
The assessment analyses the current production methods of the business to generate a guide to Lean improvements in production efficiencies. The assessment begins with a full gap analysis of the current state of production efficiency vs. industry best practices. Included in the assessment report is a Lean plan, generated from the gap analysis, to move the business from current production efficiencies to industry best practices.
• Costs for Environmental, Energy and Economy recommendations and potential timeline for implementations.

Examples of opportunities identified from previous E3 assessments:

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Fabrication Supplier - Air permit advice
Body/Paint Shop - New business permit approval
Mining equipment manufacturer - Environmental audit
Compressor Manufacturer - Reportable quantity advice
Automotive Supplier - Used oil management
Plating Shop Spill - Prevention advice
Automotive Supplier - ISO 14001 assistance
Surface Finishing Provider - Regulatory advice
Auto Service Center - Used oil regulations
Automotive Supplier - Waste water advice

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Contact the MTC today at (276) 223-4709 to inquire about a Free E3 assessment for your facility.The assessment is strictly confidential. All findings are reported to the company only.