Market Study – Emerging Needs of Virginia’s Small & Medium-Sized Manufacturing, Technology & Engineering Firms

Summary – GENEDGE conducted a primary research study of one hundred business owners and executive leaders from a representative sample of small to medium-sized manufacturers, industrial and engineering firms across the Commonwealth regarding anticipated needs and challenges in the next three years. A telephone survey was executed by an independent firm. The survey asked free-response questions such as the executive’s strategic intent for the business, crucial pain points, skills and capabilities lacking, and measuring business performance.

Recruiting and retaining employee talent was universally discussed, with a pronounced need for professionals including engineering staff, project managers, IT developers, sales, marketing, financial, and management staff in addition to operational roles such as machinists, technicians and maintenance. Follow here > to view the report.

For more information: Aimee McCarthy, Regional Growth Manager, (804) 323-2226 x228 

Virginia Domestic Markets Expansion Program for DoD Supply Chain Companies (VA DMEP) Year 1 & Year 2 Reports

VA DMEP was a selective program to assist qualifying Virginia Department of Defense supply chain companies affected from the past effects of sequestration. Businesses were identified with leadership that had a desire to expand their industrial and commercial offerings to reduce dependence on DoD business and provide the assistance they need to improve their business resiliency. Summarized in these reports are the stories of most companies that we worked with on strategic, innovative approaches to grow their businesses.

For more information: Dean Young, VP, Industrial Development, (804) 801-6000

VA DMEP - Year 2 Report 2017

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VA DMEP - Year 1 Report 2016

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