Dynovis, Inc.

Dynovis, Inc. Rural Defense Manufacturer Zeroes-In on Future Business Model Opportunities

“While our formal GENEDGE impact statement tells a story of our level of satisfaction for GENEDGE’s efforts working with us, we want to relay our appreciation for guiding the discussions over the past several months – a very informative and worthwhile effort. We want to stay engaged with GENEDGE as we grow and scale, not only to have a fresh set of eyes in our planning, but also to help maximize our potential with available GENEDGE resources.” – Mike Tyson, VP Programs, Dynovis, Inc.


Founded in 2013, Dynovis, Inc. is a Virginia-based business providing inspired engineering solutions and product expertise for the defense industry. Manufacturing is currently located in Fairfield with plans to expand its engineering and manufacturing capability.

The Challenge

Many Virginia companies in rural regions, micropolitan areas, and small metropolitan areas have struggled to maintain or diversify their businesses away from federal contracting, especially in the DoD supply chain sector. Dynovis is an example of one company in need of expanded investments to help sustain its current DoD capacity, while at the same time creating new capacity for related opportunities.

MEP’s Role

GENEDGE received funding through the Virginia Department of Veterans Affairs & Homeland Security to operate the Rural Virginia DoD Supply Chain (RURAL-VA) program. This special program identifies, selects and assists qualified DoD supply chain companies in Virginia as they scale their development of diversified business planning, new commercial offerings, or expanded DoD supply chain business opportunities. The goal is to improve the capacity and capabilities of targeted, existing suppliers in the initial year of this effort allowing companies like Dynovis to capture new business and increase sales volume on existing programs that are experiencing growth. All program companies are required to complete a Phase 1 “Growth Accelerator,” which is a strategic alignment business review that defines the services to be delivered in a follow-on Phase 2.

Based on the results of their CoreValue® “Discover” and CoreValue® “Deep Dive” analyses, Dynovis was accepted into the program. GENEDGE engaged in a formal project with Dynovis to be completed in two phases: (i) Growth Accelerator, and (ii) ISO Management System Implementation. Growth Accelerator facilitations are designed to help a company’s leadership align strategically around a central Mission and Vision, then prioritize strategic business investments and resources accordingly. ISO Management System Implementation is particularly helpful to DoD suppliers like Dynovis, who are seeking to diversify their portfolios with commercial opportunities. Like many DoD suppliers, Dynovis is aligned to MIL specs and standards to guide their quality system; however, commercial and industrial supply chains do not recognize that standard. The Phase 2 ISO Implementation services help these suppliers develop a quality management system that can be certified to the International Standards Organization systems such as ISO9001, TS 16949, and AS 9100.


During Phase 1, Mike G. Levy of GENEDGE facilitated customer segmentation and industry analysis with Dynovis leadership and management. This analysis helped Dynovis visualize and articulate a baseline portfolio for strategic investment planning. The sessions helped the team focus on industry trends and factors, as well as reinforce a strong Mission and Vision. The “distributed command” environment, along with the exponential proliferation of individual warfighter technologies in the battle-field, were acknowledged and reinforced as key trends which should continue to drive product development efforts in a “total experience” end-user environment. Dynovis’s advanced fabrication and product development core competencies support these sustaining opportunities. Dynovis is primarily focused on designing and producing military shelters, but also maintains awareness of how “distributed command” trends are married with other trends, like “miniaturization” and “smart device” technologies. Therefore, Dynovis leverages its capabilities to design fabric structures other than shelters. GENEDGE’s business case development focused on investments in marketing automation to support and enhance Dynovis’s direct selling methodology into the future, promising potential future benefits that reduce complexity by 85%, with a related reduction in quoting cycle time by an estimated 40%. In the Phase 2 ISO Implementation (which Dynovis chose to run concurrently with Phase 1 Growth Accelerator because of urgency), Frank Watson of GENEDGE trained and prepared the Dynovis quality team, then conducted an internal quality audit to ensure adequate preparation. Those activities resulted in successful scheduling and preparation for independent audit certification (Stage-1 and Stage-2) to the commercial ISO standard.