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Background: GENEDGE announced in July 2020 press release of a proposal for a grant from the GO Virginia Economic Resilience and Recovery Program, with GO Virginia Region One serving as the lead applicant and the endorsement of all nine GO Virginia Regions, was approved by the GO Virginia State Board. This grant supports GENEDGE and its partnering agencies as they initiate a two-year program, known as the Re-tooling Virginia Manufacturers for Strategic Industries Program.

Program: GENEDGE will manage this program over two years to implement a mid-to-long term approach to responding to the COVID-19 crisis by re-tooling Virginia manufacturers for strategic industries. The focus for the first year will address the needs for medical supplies and PPE with the expectation that additional critical supply chain opportunities will be identified at the industrial sector, state, or federal level. The processes and tools developed in the first year can easily be redirected to additional critical strategic supply chains as they are identified. Given the expected focus on additional reshoring efforts for strategic supply chains, we can follow the guidance to prioritize activities in the second year of the program.

The project will involve two phases: Phase 1 will focus entirely on PPE and Phase 2 will engage with other emergent critical industry supply chain retooling and continue PPE capacity additions. The goal will be to serve 50 companies/25 per year, while creating or retaining 500 jobs with new or retained revenue of over $100M over a five-year period.

The program also includes a research component to analyze the risks of supply chain disruption in various industries, and related factors such as market size, product demand, and the international competitive landscape. For manufacturers interested in producing PPE for critical industries, this partnership includes custom services to help address regulatory requirements, develop prototypes, implement new processes, and apply advanced digital manufacturing technologies.

This multi-pronged approach will draw on the expertise of more than a dozen agencies and organizations involved in manufacturing, economic development, technology, and health care. Some of those agencies are: GO Virginia, the Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA), the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (VHHA), and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM).

Interested in applying for the GO Virginia – Re-tooling Virginia Manufacturers for Strategic Industries Program? GENEDGE is now accepting applications for Phase 2 of the program. Start The Application Process Today!

Applications are no longer being accepted for Phase 2 of the GO Virginia – Re-tooling Virginia Manufacturers Program. Congrats to all those companies that applied and were accepted!

Contact: Cheryl A. Carrico, Ph.D., P.E., Program Manager for GO Virginia – Re-tooling Virginia Manufacturers for Strategic Industries Program, (276) 525-0088 or ccarrico@genedge.org.

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Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association (VHHA) Report 12/17/2020 - PPE Market Opportunities for the Commonwealth of Virginia. This report is organized in three parts. Part 1 analyzes projected demand for such products, provides an overview of the PPE supply chain overall, examines the supply chain components of individual PPE products, and identifies related manufacturing industries that could potentially take advantage of expanded opportunities to produce PPE in-state. Part 2 delves into the competitive advantages of Virginia’s manufacturing base and how this translates into PPE manufacturing opportunities for Virginia manufacturers by subsector. Part 3 provides a rough estimate of future demand for PPE utilizing 2019 base-year numbers provided by a subset of Virginia health systems assuming certain percentage increases in future demand due to COVID-19. 

Recorded webinars for viewing:

12/17/20 Recorded webinar


Link to the > 11/10/20 recorded webinar.

GENEDGE Supply Chain Connector logoVirginia Supply Chain Connector Portal: In addition, GENEDGE is leveraging its existing efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – including a digital portal (supplychain.genedge.org) to connect Virginia manufacturers and engineering firms with tools, resources and supply chain connections – to prepare for the program, with information for manufacturers as well as an online supply chain connector designed to help companies interested in making PPE find partners within the state.

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