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Do you need to streamline value chain processes?
Are you aware of increasing costs of sustainability and environmental regulations and planning for these can be expensive for manufacturing firms. Are you aware of these costs when outlining your quarterly budgets?
Do you need to improve visibility of items and materials in the manufacturing process?

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“With GENEDGE’s delivery of TWI through Tom’s coaching and mentoring, we have taken the TWI JI training provided earlier and have rewritten all of our SOPs, using the TWI principles to retrain all employees. In addition, we’ve added a second shift utilizing this same training method with great success. Using TWI’s hands-on participatory approach, AkzoNobel has increased efficiency for multiple processes. Plus the trust and teamwork between our leaders and employees have strengthened. Now that we have a standardized training program, we can evaluate all new employees and provide periodic re-certification to existing personnel. Thanks for your help!” – Don Nelson, Continuous Improvement Manager, AkzoNobel

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