Organizational Development

Aligning People With Company Vision Is Critical For Success – GENEDGE Experts Can Help Plan And Communicate Workforce Strategy So You Can Reach Your Long Term Goals.

For manufacturing and industrial managers in today's world, the task of aligning a workforce to achieve maximum productivity presents itself like a Rubik's Cube: recruitment, retention, human resource policy and effective resource allocation are all part of an evolving workforce puzzle. To add complexity, managers are competing for a dwindling pool of industrial workforce talent.

As experienced practitioners in effective workforce development, GENEDGE experts will engage your leadership team and management to provide a custom plan for your organization, based on your unique needs. GENEDGE provides research, planning and management expertise so you can devote more time to creating the vision for your company -- without worrying about who will help you execute it.

Workforce & Human Resource Development:

  • Leadership Assessments & Training
  • 360-Interviews & Report Recommendations
  • Succession & Management Planning
  • Standard Role & Responsibility Definitions
  • Resource Allocation Planning
  • Strategic Workforce Alignment
  • Recruitment Requirements & Planning
  • Retention Planning and Incentive Based Management Planning
  • HR Policy & Communications

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