Strategy, Marketing, & Commercialization

Customer-Driven Strategic Planning – Let Customer Insights Drive Your Strategic Planning At 4X The Speed.

If history tells us anything, emerging trends will one day shake up your industry -- and your business. It's only a matter of time. GENEDGE offers high impact, data-driven business strategy facilitations, with intense focus on where your business should seek to position itself against competitors in three to five years. Deliveries are focused on clear customer outcomes and actionable deliverables to drive rapid team engagement and execution.

Executive and Leadership Team facilitations in:

  • Industry Analysis & Research
  • Customer Segmentation & Competitive Advantage
  • Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Executive Resource Allocation & Change Management
  • Vision & Mission Formulation
  • Succession Planning & Management Succession
  • Design Thinking: Training or Implementation

Customer Acquisition And Retention Planning – Leadership Has Their Roadmap, Now What?

No one said this would be easy. In fact, poor execution in Marketing & Sales is among the top five performance gaps as reported by over 200 GENEDGE industrial clients in Virginia. To help your firm close this gap, GENEDGE maintains a custom group of highly targeted resources to help you execute your strategies... at a fraction of the cost of hiring market consultants or full-time employees. Our people have specific, vast experience with industrial and technical companies to drive action and customer response where it matters most.

  • Marketing & Sales Planning
  • Sales Force Development & Planning
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Audits, E-Commerce development & Marketing Automation Systems
  • Brand Strategy

Product And Service Development Planning – Overwhelmed With "Good Ideas"? Let Us Help You Develop The "Best" Ideas.

As any company who has tried will tell you: Product Development is the most difficult organizational process. As a process-driven organization, GENEDGE offers a solid group of services designed to galvanize your teams toward executing customer outcomes faster in the form of products, services, business models or processes. With rigorous focus on customer needs, GENEDGE helps your teams turn chaos into structure, silos into teams, and random tasks into repeatable project drumbeats accountable to stakeholders, sponsors and, above all, customers. Using leading bodies of knowledge, expert facilitations, risk mitigation, GENEDGE brings you world-class knowledge so you can increase speed and quality in your product development efforts. With GENEDGE, your teams will establish a solid, repeatable, and structured innovation process they can repeat long after we're gone.

  • Voice of The Customer Requirements
  • Product/Service Development Planning & Roadmaps
  • Lean Product Development Training & Implementation
  • Design & Prototyping Services
  • Market Validation & Technical Certifications
  • Business Model Generation

"Speed To Market" Means "Now" – GENEDGE Is Your Comprehensive Resource To Commercialize Your Next Big Thing.

Many small and medium sized industrial firms simply don't have the staff, budget or expertise to launch new products. Recognizing this, GENEDGE has assembled a powerful suite of services that you can hire quickly at a fraction of the cost of keeping them in-house. From Market Planning to Promotional Services, GENEDGE can get you to market faster than you can say "sold".

Commercialization support:

  • Promotional Marketing (Website, Advertising, E-Commerce Design)
  • Marketing & Sales Planning
  • Prototyping Services
  • Design & Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • Design Thinking
  • Project & Product Management
  • Brand Management
  • Lean Product Development

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