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These Virginia Businesses Have Gained High Value from GENEDGE and They’re Willing to Share.

Across Virginia, GENEDGE delivers value to manufacturing companies. From work that led a metal fabricator in coal country to new markets or a project that helped drive a 300 percent boost in new product line sales at a chemical detection products company, read about GENEDGE’s success in the words of our clients.

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Hampton Roads Company Expands as Part of GENEDGE Business Growth Strategy

“GENEDGE was a great experience for our company and very, very helpful. They were excellent guides and facilitators that helped us focus on prioritizing the elements needed to be successful and grow. Our company was a bit different than the usual companies [very young, very small high tech], but they were able to adapt their tools to provide great insight on the project.” —Bill Cumbie, CEO & Founder, PANCOPIA, Inc.


Medical Technology Firm Accesses Federal Labs Through Regional Partnerships

“GENEDGE is a valuable resource that connected our small company with NASA LaRC so that our medical device could be tested at their state-of-the-art facilities. The testing results were included in our patent applications to help secure the intellectual property for our device. We found the facilities at LaRC to be excellent and extremely valuable for small companies like ours as they have equipment and expertise that are too expensive for us to invest in ourselves."Elaine L. Horn-Ranney, PhD., President & CEO, Tympanogen

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Rural Defense Manufacturer Zeroes-In on Future Business Model Opportunities

“While our formal GENEDGE impact statement tells a story of our level of satisfaction for GENEDGE’s efforts working with us, we want to relay our appreciation for guiding the discussions over the past several months – a very informative and worthwhile effort. We want to stay engaged with GENEDGE as we grow and scale, not only to have a fresh set of eyes in our planning, but also to help maximize our potential with available GENEDGE resources.” —Mike Tyson, VP Programs, Dynovis, Inc.

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Leading Unmanned Systems Developer Identifies Bold Steps for Company Vision

"The Five Bold Steps were critical for me and set the vision for the company. The steps helped us realign our internal skill sets. They were the turning point where I was completely convinced that the program was worth continuing. GENEDGE is equipped with the right tools for both small and medium businesses to help them realize their strategic goals and to help them understand the intent of the business in a clearer idea." —Peter Bale, CEO, Sentinel Robotic Solutions

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Lean Benefits Extend Beyond The Shop Floor

“We are truly grateful for GENEDGE’s ongoing support as ACI progresses through our Lean Journey. We have learned so much from their vast experience and knowledge offered through mentoring. We strongly believe in the critical role mentoring and collaboration plays in a Lean-thinking organization. They are crucial elements in building our learning environment to support process improvements now and in the future.” – Evan Shriver, Executive VP of Construction Operations, Atlantic Constructors, Inc.

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Kaizen Event Improves Process Flow, Reduces Wastes

“The Manufacturing Technology Center helped us realize that we didn’t need to make major facility changes to increase flow. Through the Kaizen event, we were able to generate a long list of improvement ideas. From there, MTC guided us to focus on key areas that would lead to significant reductions in labor and inventory to help increase overall competitiveness.” – Steve Barrett, Engineering Department Head