Sharolyn (Shari) Graybiel

Sharolyn (Shari) Graybiel recently joined GENEDGE as the Hampton Roads Regional Growth Manager (RGM). As a Regional Growth Manager, Sharolyn is responsible for supporting industrial development in the region by building and maintaining relationships with local and regional economic developers, industrial associations, the Port of Virginia, and the local manufacturing and technology client base. Serving as a trusted advisor, she helps clients achieve their strategic goals using the resources of the GENEDGE Alliance and the MEP National NetworkTM.

Sharolyn is a results-oriented leader with over 40 years of contributions to multiple industries including military, hospitality, banking, higher education, workforce development, community services, financial/grants, non-profit, defense contracting, manufacturing, event planning, logistics, and retail sales. She has productively managed relationships between industry groups, workforce boards, academic organizations, various business partners, and local CTE.

As our newest Regional Growth Manager, Sharolyn does more than business development. She grows relationships. Sharolyn is passionate about storytelling and making connections.

Her Native American heritage plays an important role in Sharolyn’s work ethic as she embraces cultural diversity and inclusiveness. She shares, “There is comfort in our similarities, but there is strength in our differences. It is that strength to embrace our differences that will overcome all obstacles and allow us to grow as individuals, and as a company.”

Sharolyn is a graduate of Cambridge College/Chesapeake, Virginia with a Master of Management degree.

In her time away from the office, Sharolyn can be found creating murals in the community, advocating for veteran’s causes, working on home design/decorating, and spending time with her family and rescue animals.