GENEDGE Announces Growth Acceleration Program for Small Manufacturing, Engineering, and Technology Companies in Southern and Southwest Virginia

Martinsville, Va. – GENEDGE is proud to announce the formation of a new business growth program known as Enterprise Development Growth Engine (EDGE). Many smaller manufacturing, engineering, and technology companies lack in-house capability or access to affordable, professional resources to meet the many challenges in today’s economy. EDGE is tailored to accelerate business growth via a focus on 18 key drivers of business value. Using strategically driven initiatives, the program helps company ownership grow business value by closing identified gaps in the 18 value drivers. To execute this work, the EDGE program provides access to professional business advisors and consultants, student interns from Virginia universities, and an extensive network of partners from academic, government and industrial organizations.

“Company owners and executives, who are committed to accelerating the growth of their business, must attend a workshop in order to apply for selection into the program. The EDGE program assists qualifying companies with 15-49 employees develop and execute an accelerated growth strategy,” states President / Executive Director Bill Donohue. “This is accomplished by identifying value gaps in business processes, developing a growth plan, and providing consulting and technical assistance to execute the plan in a very affordable manner. Initially the EDGE program will provide assistance to qualifying companies in southern and southwest Virginia prior to expanding the program statewide.”

Following the required workshop attendance, completion of the program application, and value assessment, customized services will be proposed to assist each company with meeting its growth objectives on a cost share basis. Upon acceptance to the program, the company pays 25% of the cost of the services with the program bearing the remaining costs.

For details regarding how the program is structured and administered please contact Cindy Glisson, VP of Operations at (804) 382-3752, or email at

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