Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Automation & Advanced Manufacturing

New technology is revolutionizing manufacturing processes and quality control. This new revolution is called Industry 4.0. The experts at GENEDGE can help you find technological solutions that fit your business needs and will help you compete and grow.

Process Improvement

What company doesn’t want to deliver better quality, faster, at a lower cost and still be able to invest in their employees? GENEDGE provides training and coaching to help your team overcome your biggest roadblocks and achieve breakthrough customer satisfaction and operating results.

Quality, Risk, & Safety Management

Now more than ever before, manufacturers must demonstrate their ability to comply with national and international quality or safety standards for their products or processes. GENEDGE can help your company develop a quality assurance system or audit an existing system, and identify potential solutions to close system gaps.

Engineering Services & Energy Management

Need support for engineering projects? Can’t find adequate technical resources? Want to improve your energy or environmental footprint? Let GENEDGE help with project management, plant layout, new equipment sourcing, and installations.

Spotlight Programs and Partnerships

GENEDGE has a number of premier programs and partnerships including: