IT & Cybersecurity

Ransomware, hacking, phishing, viruses—it only takes one to bring down your network and expose proprietary and confidential information. Using a risk management framework, GENEDGE can help assess your company’s risks and develop a plan to protect your critical information. We also can help you comply with specific cybersecurity requirements like the Department of Defense DFARS 7012 requirement to meet the NIST 800-171r1 guidelines to protect Classified Uncontrolled Information (CUI).

Automation & Advanced Manufacturing

New technology is revolutionizing manufacturing processes and quality control. This new revolution is called Industry 4.0. The experts at GENEDGE can help you find technological solutions that fit your business needs and will help you compete and grow.

Supply Chain Optimization

Need to make significant cost improvements and believe you’ve exhausted internal opportunities? Need better reliability in your supply chain? Want to make supply chain decisions based on total cost and known risks? GENEDGE can help you assess your supply chain and make it more effective and reliable.


Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) requires safeguarding and strong security plans. And did you know that your DFARS contracts now have new wording related to how you are managing risk when it comes to CUI? Through DoD grant funding, GENEDGE can help you make sure your organization is compliant with the new requirements.

Spotlight Programs and Partnerships