Put It All Together With Input You Can Use

For GENEDGE, our work is designed to achieve results. Everything we do is designed to help you improve quality, manage risk, and develop and bring new products to market. Whether it’s an engineering problem to solve or a complete overhaul of your supply chain, GENEDGE is here for you.

We Bring Our A-Game

Knowledge and experience—that’s what you get when you work with GENEDGE. Our team members have spent time working in industry and are licensed engineers, certified project managers, and process improvement experts. When we work with clients, we give you our best people, our best thinking, and our best effort all from the word “go.”

It’s All Happening In The Commonwealth

A strong, diverse economy is the key to a strong Commonwealth, and that means a strong manufacturing sector. Chartered by the state, GENEDGE brings manufacturers, resources, know-how, and a connection to a national network of experts. Whether you make pharmaceuticals in the Metro area, robots on the coast, heavy equipment in the Shenandoah, or mining tools in the Southwest, GENEDGE can help you take your business to the next level.