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Six Course Leadership Training Classes – Check the Events Calendar to Stay Up to Date On Current Classes

Join us for an exclusive 6-course leadership training series tailored specifically for the dynamic manufacturing sector! Dive deep into the core tenets of leadership and learn how to navigate, inspire, and drive growth within your manufacturing company. Whether you’re a mid-level manager, a frontline supervisor, or preparing for a supervisory role, this series is designed with you in mind.

What You Will Gain:

  • Leadership Foundations
  • Efficient operational strategies
  • The power of data-driven decisions
  • Embracing technology and innovation
  • Team Dynamics and Effective Communication
  • Strategic Planning & Vision
  • Change Management in Manufacturing
  • Developing a Leadership Legacy

Half-Day Lean Process Improvement Classes – Check the Events Calendar to Stay Up to Date On Current Classes

Join us for a transformative half-day lean overview paired with hands-on simulation, this interactive training accommodates 10-13 keen learners.

Light Breakfast Will Be Served!

What’s In Store?

  • Participants will go through three quick simulation rounds to teach concepts. Operators will build K’nex “Widgets” to simulate a traditional manufacturing operation.
  • A Training overview will address standard lean tools and improvement methodologies, including lot size reduction, single piece flow and simulation results will demonstrate impacts to business in lead times, profitability and productivity.
  • In the simulation’s third round the team applies concepts of kaizen and process improvement to create their own process flow, which they can see the results of the changes and improvements over the three rounds.

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Latest Past Events

Half-Day Lean Process Improvement Class – Wytheville, VA

Wytheville Meeting Center 333 Community Boulevard, Wytheville

Whether you're new to Lean or looking to deepen your understanding, this overview with simulation is perfect for you.
Get hands-on experience with Lean tools and techniques, and discover how they can drive efficiency and improve processes in any industry.


2024 VT ISE Senior Design Symposium

The Inn at Virginia Tech & Skelton Conference Center 901 Price’s Fork Road, Blacksburg

Join us at the VT ISE Symposium to celebrate ISE seniors' projects through Poster session and Team presentations! The event is a technical conference event at which company representatives, students, GENEDGE advisors, and faculty share and celebrate the project results. Date:          Tuesday, April 23, 2024 Time: ...