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Elevate Your Manufacturing Success with GENEDGE Supply Chain Support

GENEDGE offers unparalleled Supply Chain Support services, specifically tailored for Virginia’s manufacturers, transforming your supply chain into a seamless, efficient, and resilient operation.

Thanks to exclusive funding provided to state Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Centers like GENEDGE, we are at the forefront of empowering manufacturers with the tools, insights, and strategies needed to excel.

Personalized Support

Introducing Elisabeth “Maz” Mazza your Supply Chain Support Manager

When it comes to Supply Chain Support, you’re not alone. Elisabeth “Maz” Mazza is your dedicated account manager who’s your single-source resource for success with identifying domestic suppliers and strengthening your current supply chain.

As a Transportation Officer in the Virginia Army National Guard and a current master’s student in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Maz brings diverse expertise to her role.

Maz is responsible for GENEDGE’s Supplier Scouting Program and the CONNEXTM Marketplace manufacturing portal, connecting Virginia manufacturers with business opportunities, supply chain resources, and expertise.

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GENEDGE Supply Chain Support

SCOIN Level Initiative

The Supply Chain Optimization and Intelligence Network (SCOIN) Program was launched June of 2023 to expand the MEP National Network’s scope to include not only individual manufacturing companies, but manufacturing supply chains in their entirety.

The Goals of the SCOIN Program are:

  • Identify and map the capabilities and interconnections in manufacturing supply chains
  • Improve the impact of supplier scouting services to build domestic supplier capabilities
  • Mitigate risks in existing manufacturing supply chains
  • Fortify and expand regional manufacturing supply networks
  • Connect individual manufactures with larger primes and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
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Service Offerings

NIST Supplier Scouting

The SCOIN Program provides funding to state MEP Centers which allows GENEDGE to offer free services and resources. Among these offerings are supplier and client sourcing and scouting services, a dedicated Account Manager, and a manufacturing supply chain network database.

NIST Supplier Scouting

The White House announced Executive Order (EO) 14005 – Executive Order on Ensuring the Future is Made in All of America by All American Workers, in January 2021. Through this EO, the MEP National NetworkTM (MEPNN) has been assigned the task of identifying manufacturers with desired production and technical capabilities and integrating them into larger supply chain networks. Additionally, the MEPNN connects suppliers with purchasers looking to fulfil their Build America, Buy America requirements.

With current supply chain conditions affecting small and medium-sized manufacturers the most, GENEDGE aims to make connecting with desired suppliers and purchasers easier through our supplier scouting services.

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Supply Chain Marketplace

CONNEX Virginia

CONNEX™ Virginia is an online capabilities database and connection platform created for Virginia manufacturers with a reach of over 6,400 local manufacturers and over 140,000 nationally. Through the GENEDGE Alliance, Virginia manufacturers have free access to organizations statewide and have the option to expand their reach nationally through an annual subscription.

The CONNEXTM Virginia Marketplace Allows Manufacturers To:

  • Identify clients and suppliers through advanced search tools
  • Discover RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs from Government Buyers, OEMs, and Primes
  • Visualize and assess risks within your supply chain and locate organizations that match processes and products of your current supply chain network
  • Connect directly with manufacturers through chat and messaging features!
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