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Running a small or family-owned manufacturing business comes with its unique set of challenges. You may find yourself asking: How can I run our operations more efficiently? How can I bring innovative ideas and new products to market? How can I secure more contracts? Where can I find employees with the right skills? How can I ensure our computer network and files are safe and DoD compliant? Where are the resources and tools for small manufacturers?

You’ve come to the right place!

GENEDGE is a treasure trove of resources for family owned manufacturing businesses and small manufacturers. We have gathered an array of tools and resources designed to answer these questions and more, helping you navigate the challenges of running a small or family-owned manufacturing business.

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With GENEDGE, you’re never alone in your journey. We’re here to support and propel your manufacturing business towards greater efficiency, innovation, and success. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape.

Safeguard Your Data with Cybersecurity
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Safeguard Your Data with These Tips for Manufacturers

September 22, 2023

Data fuels every aspect of manufacturing, from operations to decision-making. Whether it’s confidential blueprints, proprietary practices, or sensitive customer details, safeguarding these assets is critical. Any breach could result in financial losses, damage your reputation, and erode customer trust.  In this post, let’s delve into the world of cybersecurity to……

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workforce training programs for manufacturing company

How Workforce Training Programs Improve the Bottom Line in Manufacturing

September 21, 2023

Manufacturing is where precision, efficiency, and innovation reign supreme. In such a dynamic industry, outstanding leadership is non-negotiable. Why? Because as the manufacturing landscape evolves, so do the demands placed on leaders in the industry. That’s where manufacturing training programs and manufacturing leadership coaching come into play, offering a roadmap…

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Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Business
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How To Properly Use Digital Marketing to Get Leads for Your Manufacturing Business

September 6, 2023

Digital marketing: everyone’s doing it. Harnessing the power of digital marketing is no longer a choice but a strategic necessity for businesses across industries—including manufacturers. Whether small, midsized, or large, all manufacturing companies need a well-thought-out digital marketing plan to propel growth and change how they attract leads.  Good marketing……

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Manufacturing Growth with Genedge

From Small to Thriving: How Capital Access Fuels Manufacturing Growth

The journey from a small-scale operation to a thriving industry player is a path paved with innovation, strategy, and foresight. Amidst the intricate web of growth factors, one element stands tall as a key catalyst: capital access. In this blog, we’re diving into the dynamic world of manufacturing and unlocking…

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Why Marketing Matters to Manufacturers

August 8, 2023

Marketing is more than websites and branding. As explained by Mike Levy, GENEDGE’s business services director–growth, marketing is a science, a process-based approach that studies growth opportunities and positions companies to increase profits. Marketing makes a company accountable to its financial and strategic goals. Successful companies need a marketing program,…

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Skillful worker attending brief meeting in the manufacturing factory
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How Small & Medium Manufacturers Can Retain Their Workforce 

July 27, 2023

While we keep hearing the term “Quiet Quitters” and the “Great Resignation,” manufacturing employees aren’t exactly leaving because they hate their jobs. Some workers stay at their company for many years or their whole lives, loving what they do and feeling like they’re exactly where they’re meant to be. Others,……

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make manufacturing process more efficient
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How to make your Manufacturing processes more efficient

July 24, 2023

It’s the Digital Revolution. The adoption and proliferation of digital computers in the late 20th century have led to where we are now: automation devices, Bluetooth, and smartphones in the back pocket of every American.  But with changing times comes changing processes for the sake of operational efficiency. Yet, many……

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Stationary engineers calling on phone

Benefits of 5S in a manufacturing environment.

July 20, 2023

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, optimizing efficiency and productivity is crucial for success. One powerful methodology that has gained widespread recognition is the 5S system.

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Wei Zhang, co-founder of TreeDiaper

‘An excellent resource’

Wei Zhang can speak about the advantages of GENEDGE as both a client and a service provider.

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Roy Luebke: Cyber Security & Strategic Planning Expert

Navigating Department of Defense (DoD) regulations can be an intense task for small businesses and as Roy Luebke explains, there’s no getting around it. However, understanding and implementing the requirements has proven to be time-consuming and sometimes complicated. As a Strategy, Innovation and Growth Consultant with GENEDGE Alliance, Roy recognized…

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Do You Have a Plan for Becoming Part of the EV Supply Chain?

July 6, 2023
The growth of electric vehicles (EVs) poses various degrees of risk to auto suppliers that make parts for internal combustion engines (ICE). While no one can say for sure what these domestic supply chains will eventually look like, big changes are coming. The slow transition to EVs will eventually expand more rapidly, creating challenges for manufacturers that aren’t prepared. EVs are not the only sector that needs to invest in new products and production methods before existing ones become obsolete. Intense change and opportunities are hitting the domestic semiconductor manufacturing sector
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Video: Heroes of American Manufacturing – AMG Engineering and Machining

June 26, 2023
Small and medium-sized manufacturers sometimes think they’re too small to be a target for hackers. They may not have the resources to put into cybersecurity. But a cyberattack can wreak havoc for a small business – damaging machines, resulting in bad parts or even people getting hurt. Cyberattacks impact supply chains, making them a national security risk. AMG Engineering and Machining President Ted Gary says, “Today’s challenges have forced a lot of us to go beyond what we thought would be necessary to have a secure environment.” A video in the Heroes of American Manufacturing series features
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supply chain optimization
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Unlocking Efficiency and Cost Savings with Supply Chain Optimization

When it comes to running a successful manufacturing company, understanding the intricacies of the supply chain process is one of the bare essentials. From raw materials to finished products, every step and working mechanism must work in tandem to ensure seamless customer satisfaction. That’s where supply chain optimization comes in…….

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Technology in Industry 4.0
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The Role of Technology in Industry 4.0

June 22, 2023

In a world where automation replaces common tools, it’s not hard to miss the implications of evolution coming faster than anticipated. How fast? A whopping 140 times more public search interest since 2011, to be exact. From the emergence of open-source AI to sophisticated software that blurs the lines between……

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Advanced Manufacturing
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The Importance of Advanced Manufacturing in Today’s Business Environment

June 19, 2023

The global manufacturing sector has entered a new era: a landscape of innovation and growth churned by decades of industrialization. As a key economic driver, advanced manufacturing has significantly evolved from traditional methods to embrace more dynamic, efficient technologies. But this change makes manufacturing companies feel increased pressure to stay……

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Seriously, Drop What You’re Doing and Launch this Manufacturing Youth Engagement Program Right Now.

June 7, 2023
A manufacturing youth engagement program that excites local businesses, offers templates and guidance to effectively launch in new regions, has a 10-year track record of connecting hundreds of students annually, and is financially sustainable? Yes, please. That’s exactly what Pennsylvania’s What’s So Cool About Manufacturing® program offers. That’s right: during the past 10 years, What’s So Cool has created a process, templates, and materials that simply work, driving new connections between MEP Centers, their local school districts, and their clients. The goal of What’s So Cool is simple
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Mike Levy: Small Manufacturing Marketing Expert

June 6, 2023

In the world of small manufacturing enterprises, marketing can seem like a foreign language, but Mike Levy is committed to showing how “it’s just like manufacturing.” Mike Levy, GENEDGE Alliance’s Business Services Director – Growth, understands the marketing challenges companies face. He regularly encounters intelligent, data-driven individuals focused on running…

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Virginia Manufacturers

How GENEDGE is Empowering Small and Medium Manufacturers in Virginia to Innovate, Compete and Grow

June 1, 2023

Over the past few decades, manufacturing has undergone a drastic change, and it’s undeniable. Large developing economies have evolved into manufacturing supergiants. A threatening recession depleted demand, and employment plunged in advanced nations. Impactedly, manufacturers have been feeling the heat from their communities to cut costs while simultaneously producing complex,…

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Jeff Shook: Expert in manufacturing process development

April 17, 2023

Shook, the automation and advanced manufacturing manager for GENEDGE Alliance, offers a wealth of experience in helping manufacturers operate more efficiently, strategically, and profitably.

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How Small and Mid-Sized Manufacturers Can Attract and Retain Top Talent

Smaller manufacturers face obstacles their larger counterparts do not. They likely don’t have the marketing budgets or the bandwidth to run formal internship programs or recruiting campaigns. Still, for some, it’s worth exploring ways to overcome these challenges.

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Jessica Ingle

Jessica Ingle: Continually Improving

April 6, 2023
This blog is part of a series for Women’s History Month to highlight women who are making an impact on the manufacturing industry. Jessica Ingle is like a lot of women who are juggling work, family and life. And she’s managed to excel at it all, including her 18 years of climbing the career ladder at Impact Washington, the Washington state MEP Center and part of the MEP National NetworkTM. Her first real job was at Impact Washington, and her passion for its work continues to grow. Ingle’s journey began as an administrative assistant, and today she’s a key leader in the organization as deputy
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Cydney Severio: From Stitcher to CEO

March 30, 2023
This blog is part of a series for Women’s History Month to highlight women who are making an impact on the manufacturing industry. CEO Cydney Severio has done it all during her years at Electro Medical Equipment Company, Inc. (EME), a client of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Louisiana. The veteran-owned medical textile manufacturer started as an EKG machine distributor in 1960. The current owners purchased EME in 1984. Cydney was hired as the billing and credit manager 33 years ago when the company had five full-time employees and a few part timers. Home sewing machine comes in
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Indiana workforce

What Indiana Can Teach the Nation About Workforce Development

March 28, 2023
I’m ashamed to say that I’ve only been to Indiana once – for a fun weekend in Indianapolis. I will say that their Children’s Museum is truly world-class, and it was great going duckpin bowling for the first time. Though I haven’t taken full advantage of Indiana as a tourist destination (yet!), as a workforce development professional, I can’t help but notice what is happening in the state. The cutting-edge partnerships, programs and collaborations have resulted in Indiana leading the nation in developing new and better manufacturing workers. Manufacturing is Indiana’s largest industry sector
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Webinar Recap – Introduction to CONNEX a comprehensive look

March 23, 2023

Take a tour of your CONNEX Virginia marketplace account with us! Learn more about ways to make it work for you, get practices and tips!

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