Core Value® Promotes Strategic Growth Through Diversification

“It is a pleasure to work with GENEDGE and I personally have no hesitation in recommending the organization to any business associate who has growth, engineering or process improvement needs.” – Jeff Jaycox, President


Tabet Manufacturing Company provides precision manufacturing services primarily to industrial and Department of Defense (DoD) customers. The company is located in Norfolk, Virginia, with around 40 employees. Since its early beginnings, Tabet Manufacturing has grown from producing a single product to over 250 highly specialized products used in both military and commercial applications.

The Challenge

Tabet Manufacturing had strong brand positioning with existing customers, which helped the company remain agile after sequestration. However, like many traditional manufacturers in this position, Tabet struggled with articulating a non-DoD value proposition, as well as prioritizing internal resources to support a potentially new business model. Hoping to gain insight into broader market opportunities, company leaders reached out to GENEDGE, an NIST MEP affiliate. GENEDGE recommended a Core Value® Assessment for Tabet and agreed to help the company refine its market planning priorities. As the assessment revealed, matching strengths and capabilities with emerging market needs was a key challenge for Tabet.

MEP’s Role

GENEDGE assisted Tabet in developing strategic objectives based on the Core Value® Assessment outcomes. In addition to identifying and prioritizing non-DoD commercial opportunities, the company identified its highest-value service offerings and developed corresponding value propositions to meet emergent commercial opportunities in growing industries. Some of Tabet’s strongest capabilities in precision machining and production appeared to be a match in high-growth markets such as medical device manufacturing, industrial machinery, transportation equipment, and specialty tools. However, the company’s internal processes that support rapid prototyping and engineering services were not sufficiently defined, nor mature enough, to support growth in those new markets.

GENEDGE helped the company quantify the range of market opportunities and prioritize sales efforts in the industrial compressed air market. It also helped Tabet’s leadership team and key employees develop a value proposition for a rapid prototyping cell to be provided as a new service geared toward high-growth manufacturing OEMs. On-site process development experts from GENEDGE assisted Tabet with developing the rapid prototyping cell, and the company is looking forward to the investment paying off in increased sales, cost savings, and new jobs.


Projected $100K in cost savings
~$420K in increased sales
Projected $40K in investments
2 new jobs expected