GENEDGE Welcomes Cheryl Carrico and Jeff Shook as Engagement Managers

With their holistic grasp of the manufacturing terrain, we are poised to significantly amplify our capacity in delivering impactful solutions to manufacturers within Virginia.”

— Tony Cerilli, Vice President, Operations at GENEDGE

MARTINSVILLE, VA, USA, July 20, 2023/ — GENEDGE, the preeminent state organization dedicated to fostering the growth of manufacturing companies across Virginia, is pleased to introduce Cheryl Carrico and Jeff Shook as their newly appointed Engagement Managers. Both Carrico and Shook bring extensive expertise in manufacturing, engineering, and technology to support GENEDGE’s mission of promoting innovation, competitiveness, and industry growth.

This strategic move aims to bolster the support provided to manufacturers in embracing automation and advanced manufacturing opportunities in the fast-paced landscape of manufacturing technology. The creation of the Engagement Manager roles comes as a response to the imminent transformation in the manufacturing industry, driven by AI, machine learning, and vision systems.

Jeff Shook, who joined GENEDGE as a Project Manager in 2017, brings a wealth of expertise in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, design for manufacturing, and successful equipment and production launch initiatives. With his vast knowledge in manufacturing process development and lean practices, he will play a pivotal role in optimizing production for small and medium manufacturers in Virginia. Additionally, as Engagement Manager, Shook will lead the design and implementation of strategic operational improvements, ensuring their sustainability in the face of technological advancements.

Cheryl Carrico, a seasoned leader with over 35 years of experience in industry and academia, has been a valued member of GENEDGE since 2020. Her impressive background spans diverse services aimed at strengthening company growth, internal education, client-supplier relations, and productivity. As Engagement Manager, Carrico’s comprehensive aptitude in engineering education research and program evaluations will be instrumental in guiding manufacturers through workforce transformation and driving process improvements with measurable outcomes.

“We are thrilled to welcome both of these dynamic leaders in their new roles as Engagement Managers,” said Tony Cerilli, Vice President, Operations at GENEDGE. “With their extensive knowledge of industry and holistic grasp of the manufacturing terrain, we are poised to significantly amplify our capacity in delivering impactful solutions to manufacturers within Virginia. We look forward to their strategic contributions and leadership in advancing the growth and success of Virginia’s manufacturing sector.”

As GENEDGE collaborates with numerous small and medium manufacturing companies, often deeply involved in their internal operations, they may have limited time to stay aware of industry best practices and their competitive standing. In this capacity, the engagement managers will play a crucial role in aiding these companies to identify areas where improvements can be made. Over the next five years, manufacturing processes will experience significant changes, and GENEDGE is committed to positioning small and medium manufacturers at the forefront of this evolution.