Draper Aden Associates Case Study

The Results

$10.5M in sales
$4.0M in cost savings
$300K in investments
10 jobs created or retained

About Draper Aden Associates

Draper Aden Associates (DAA) started as a civil engineering firm, founded in 1972 in Blacksburg, Virginia. Today, it has grown into a full-service consulting engineering firm with locations throughout Virginia and North Carolina with clients across the Mid-Atlantic region. Their core services include engineering, surveying, and environmental services.

The Challenge

DAA experienced significant growth through acquisition over the last few years. Leadership recognized the need to develop a Quality Management System (QMS) to mitigate the risk of legal claims. DAA approached GENEDGE about achieving ISO 9001 certification as a method of quality improvement and to match other firms in the industry.

MEP Center’s Role

GENEDGE suggested using ISO 10006:2017 “Quality Management – Guidelines for Quality Management in Projects” instead of ISO 9001, since DAA is project focused and that has the most impact on their clients. In addition, the terminology utilized in ISO 10006:2017 would be more familiar and relatable across the company with the option for certification, if desired.

Each division within DAA conducted a self-assessment to ISO 10006:2017 using a prescribed methodology. The goal of these self-assessments was to help establish a baseline of process maturity and to identify opportunities for process development, standardization, and improvement.

Following the completed self-assessments, GENEDGE presented a summary report of the Gap Analysis and conclusions with recommendation/options for next steps, including the potential for creating a quality system position.

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