Roy Luebke

Roy Luebke is a Strategy, Innovation and Growth Consultant with GENEDGE in Virginia. Throughout his 40-year career he has delivered dozens of successful technology-based product and service offerings in global markets for Fortune 50 as well as start-up companies in healthcare, enterprise software, and consumer markets. Roy uses creative yet structured innovation, strategy and portfolio processes and tools to work with CEO’s and C-Level executives to define business strategy, research and discover new customer needs, create and deliver new solutions, and commercialize offerings that increase business profitability.

Roy created and leads the GENEDGE cyber offerings and is focused on helping Virginia Department of Defense suppliers in meeting cybersecurity compliance.

Mr. Luebke possesses a Masters in Design Methods from the Illinois Institute of Technology/Institute of Design, an MBA from the University of Maryland, and a BBA from the University of Wisconsin.

Michael G. Levy

Mike Levy is GENEDGE’s Business Services Director – Growth. Since joining GENEDGE, he has achieved Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification; Innovation Engineering Black Belt certification; TDMI certification; Tech Scouting certification; Core Consulting Skills Certification; and PMP certification. Mike’s specialty is market planning.

Mike’s key delivery focus involves helping businesses develop strategic clarity and action-oriented growth roadmaps to meet their business objectives, then managing the creation and development of new ideas for business models, processes, products or services to help those businesses reach their strategic objectives. This includes access to capital, succession planning and business valuation services. Once strategic goals are identified, Mike and his team provide further growth assistance by identifying and resourcing the supply chain or subject matter expertise required to reach those goals.

To date, Mike has managed or co-managed strategic growth projects with over 70 industrial, scientific or manufacturing firms, facilitating the creation of hundreds of new growth ideas or projects. He has managed over 100 innovation concept sessions in varying degrees of complexity and size.

Mike uses his research background to integrate Voice of the Customer, market research or content analysis findings into a manageable “sandbox” of internal and external opportunities, from which businesses can begin, or continue, their process of strategic growth and change.

In 2010, he was an instrumental part of the team that helped launch an innovation grant program that generated nearly $750,000 in innovation investments across Virginia, and in 2011 he was part of a five-member MEP team that studied U.S. supply chain competitiveness and co-authored a key white paper explaining the competitive gaps.

In 2014, he was part of the core GENEDGE delivery team in the Virginia Domestic Markets Expansion Program (VA DMEP), a high impact program that assisted DoD supply chain companies in Virginia as they attempted to replace declining defense revenue streams through diversification of their products and services. In 2019, his DoD supplier work continued in GENEDGE’s Rural DoD Supplier program.

Mike continues his lead role in helping GENEDGE launch and manage statewide programs, such as Re-Tooling Virginia Manufacturers for Strategic Industries, which is focused on rapid commercialization planning for industrial firms who seek to re-shore critical industry services back to the U.S. and the Commonwealth.

Mike has an M.S. in Business and B.A. in English, both from VCU. He resides in Hanover County with his wife, two daughters, two dogs and one cat.