20 Cybersecurity Statistics Manufacturers Can’t Ignore

This article was originally published on the Manufacturing Innovation Blog by NIST MEP. Cybersecurity threats are a huge business risk for all companies. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) — including manufacturers — are especially vulnerable to attacks. Small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) are often seen as an easy entry point — a “soft” target — into larger businesses and […]

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Why GENEDGE’s Cybersecurity Program is a Triple Win for Virginia

GENEDGE continues to lead the way in securing Virginia’s Defense Industrial Base against unrelenting cybersecurity threats.  In 2018, GENEDGE launched the DEFENDCUI-VA Program to help Virginia’s defense contractors meet the new cybersecurity requirements in the DFARs. The program is funded by Virginia and a $1.4M grant from the Department of Defense. Since the program started, […]

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