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Innovation and Growth

Companies face two choices today; to grow through Innovation, or to eventually decline. GENEDGE provides leading edge services to help your business develop new, meaningfully unique product and service ideas that are dramatically different from existing offerings. We help you create, develop and commercialize those new ideas rapidly, through a web enabled, systematic process. GENEDGE will focus your enterprise to profitably build a substantial share of target markets, and to achieve a sustainable business model for growth, today and tomorrow.

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Continuous Process Improvement

Manufacturers and service industries face fierce domestic and global competition. The ability to survive and prosper requires commitment to a Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) culture. Lean Six Sigma (LSS), Lean Services, Problem Solving and Quality Certification Assistance are proven CPI methodologies. They can be tailored and deployed to assure your organization has the flexibility, tools and skills required to achieve and sustain continuous process improvement, providing a competitive edge in the rapidly changing, global market.

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Global demand for natural resources is increasing rapidly. It is critical that manufacturers and service industries include sustainability practices and reduce energy costs to achieve and sustain a competitive edge. GENEDGE can help your company tap into opportunities. GENEDGE on-site environmental impact assessments, energy consumption assessments and focused improvement events help provide the insight to effectively develop and implement strategies and tactics to lower energy costs and material requirements. The outcome is not only improved competitiveness, but also better brand positioning for growth in a Green economy.

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Supply Chain Optimization

GENEDGE products and services take the industrial Value Chain Management to a new, strategic level by focusing on achieving operational excellence across the entire value chain to enable optimal, long term, profitable growth. Your company can utilize our leading edge, research based products and services to leverage improvement opportunities within your value chain’s core value streams. The results will be second to none – achieving value chain operational excellence and sustain your company’s competitiveness in tomorrow’s global market.

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Technology Acceleration

Technology Acceleration is a proven path to ensure manufacturers and service industries are positioned for long-term growth; not merely just survival or decline. New product concepts will be created, evaluated, and selected within your company to leverage and adopt technology and drive out risk. GENEDGE is the connection your company needs to achieve sustainable profitable growth and to build a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Cybersecurity Risk Management

For most small manufacturers, the security of your information, systems, and networks is not the highest priority given everything else you’re faced with. But an information security or cybersecurity incident can be detrimental to the business, your customers, partners, or suppliers. It’s important that manufacturers understand and manage the risk and establish a cybersecurity protocol to protect your most critical assets.

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