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Manufacturing is essential for economic growth.

A recent market research study we conducted of small, medium, and large manufacturers in the Commonwealth of Virginia highlighted specific obstacles to growth, competitive edge, and innovation:

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Getting supplies — whether that be in the US, in general, or overseas
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Identifying ways to optimize processes
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Finding the workforce to get the job done
Learning how to grow their companies


The GENEDGE Alliance, made for manufacturers by manufacturing industry experts.

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Why Join the Alliance?

GENEDGE Alliance members have access to an array of powerful resources and tools, for Free or at discount, like: information sharing, direct consulting services from a GENEDGE manufacturing expert, third party subject matter experts, or even university-based student intern teams, our expert resources will help your company innovate, compete, and grow.

Manufacturers from around the Commonwealth of Virginia can initially join the alliance for Free (* denotes services at fee or discount).

As part of the GENEDGE Alliance you’ll have access to:

  • Industry content
  • Manufacturing NOW in Virginia Podcast
  • Virginia state & National CONNEX supply chain database
  • Relevant Manufacturing Content & Resources
  • Program information
  • *GENEDGE partners and in-house expertise
  • *Access to online / On-Demand training (ie: Tooling U; LMS)
  • * Coaching Services
  • And More!

What are the requirements to join the GENEDGE Alliance?

There are three basic requirements for GENEDGE Alliance membership (full Terms and Conditions here):

  • Members must be acting on behalf of or as an employee of a manufacturing supply chain company located in Virginia.  Membership will be limited to members of these companies.
  • Members agree to provide valid and current company and contact information as required to validate their client status, provide offered services, and generate the member account. 
  • The member acknowledges that the GENEDGE Alliance is a publicly supported program and agrees to cooperate in surveys and other evaluation methods required by our sponsors for reporting to evaluate the program’s effectiveness.
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