Mobile Technology Insertion Program (MTIP) - Lunch & Learn Webinar

Event Date

The purpose of this webinar is to provide opportunities to ask clarifying questions on the Request for Information (RFI), and additional details regarding GENEDGE’s Mobile Technology Insertion Program (MTIP).

The Mobile Technology Insertion Program (MTIP) relies on a mobile demonstration facility that will educate and train SMM on advanced manufacturing technologies and how they could potentially benefit their operations. It has never been more difficult to recruit and train a skilled manufacturing workforce in the U.S. However, these manufacturing technologies, if properly implemented, can provide a powerful business benefit by generating more output and value from the existing workforce all within a compact mobile workforce unit – in addition to creating more attractive workplaces and career paths for students and young professionals.

While the mobile facility is the core of MTIP, a broad network of service providers, industry partners, technology experts, and business consultants will be critical to delivering the maximum impact to small and mid-sized manufacturers (SMM).

Note: Information regarding additional future webinar sessions will be communicated separately.