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When you work in Virginia manufacturing, technology, and engineering, your team faces lots of “How” questions. How can we remain competitive and grow our bottom line? How do we find and win new contracts? How can we hire and keep the right workforce?

We're GENEDGE Alliance (GENEDGE), Virginia’s best public resource to help manufacturing and industry leaders like you find the answers to your questions so your company can innovate, compete, and grow.

Our Value Comes From Improving Yours

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GENEDGE delivers consulting-based expertise and technology transfer to over 200 Virginia companies each year. We’re part of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership National Network™, which allows our clients to access national and local resources and proven, results-based solutions.


GENEDGE’s service delivery model focuses on accelerating growth in technology and industrial clusters and businesses. This means you get the answers and solutions you need in a timely and cost effective manner.


    GENEDGE helps clients find new products or solutions and take them from the drawing board to the shipping department.


    Smarter products, better value, faster delivery – no matter how you compete, GENEDGE can help you hone your competitive edge to gain advantage.

  • GROW

    From finding funding for an expansion to technological solutions that allow you to do more with less, GENEDGE can help your business grow.

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Get Answers To Your Questions From Experts Who Know Manufacturing

Keeping up with new ways to optimize your supply chain, enhance production efficiency and reliability, boost product quality, and leverage new technology is tough for any business, especially for small- to medium-size manufacturing firms. GENEDGE delivers solutions that can help our clients drive world-class manufacturing performance.

GENEDGE’s national and local connections bring added resource and expertise to our clients. 

Manufacturing Technology Center

GENEDGE’s partnership with the Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC) in Wytheville provides additional expertise to deliver MEP services throughout Virginia. This helps our clients generate a sustainable competitive edge through process improvement, growth services, and job creation.

Some Of The Key Expertise GENEDGE Delivers To You:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

    GENEDGE Offers Best-in-Class Services for Virginia's Manufacturers
    Work with GENEDGE and you get access to our in-house experts with experience in every aspect of manufacturing, from engineering and tooling to business planning, marketing and sales. You also can tap into our national network of more than 1,400 manufacturing experts through our partnership with the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP).

  • Cybersecurity

    Ransomware, hacking, phishing, viruses—it only takes one to bring down your network and expose proprietary and confidential information. Using a risk management framework, GENEDGE can help assess your company’s risks and develop a plan to protect your critical information. We also can help you comply with specific cybersecurity requirements like the Dept. of Defense DFARS 7012 requirement to meet the NIST 800-171r1 guidelines to protect Classified Uncontrolled Information (CUI).

  • Product & Process Development

    Engineering support and technical resources to turn concepts into reality
    Turning a great idea into a great product takes skill and experience. GENEDGE can support your projects with engineers and experts in materials science, process design, equipment manufacturing, as well as thousands of other professionals through our national network. Whether it’s specifying materials for a new camshaft or the creating a new machine to set carbon-fiber composites, our engineers can add depth and breadth to your team when you need it most. 
  • Strategic Business Management

    Managing a business goes beyond the R&E report and the balance sheet
    At the highest level, companies need strategic direction. They need to understand how to compete in an ever-changing marketplace, how to find and capitalize on new business opportunities before their competition, and how to do all this in a cost-effective way. GENEDGE helps companies plan their futures strategically so that they understand where to invest their time, energy, and scarce resources.

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We Deliver Results, Because We Are Measured By Our Investors And Stakeholders

The effectiveness of our affordable, professional consulting services is measured by the cost savings and bottom line profitability we help our clients achieve. Our results are measured and independently surveyed to ensure your satisfaction.

  • GENEDGE Cumulative Economic Impact*

    Graph showing billion dollar economic impact from $1.82 billion in 2009 to $4.81 billion in 2018.

    Since 2009, GENEDGE has delivered over $4.8 billion in Cumulative Economic Impact for our clients.

     *Source: GENEDGE client survey results for fiscal years 2000 - 2019

  • Additional Client Impact 2000-2019*

    Cost Savings: $1.6B - Jobs Created or Retained: 13,620 - Bottom Line Impact: $1.9B - Sales Increased or Retained: $2.5B - Investments Made to Operations: $797M

    *Source: U.S. Department of Commerce / Independent Survey of Clients

  • Delivering Measurable Results

    $1 with a curved arrow to $25

    For every $1 dollar invested in 
    assistance and service...
    $25 is returned to the client's bottom line impact.

Two women looking at a computer monitor on a production floor